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Reset Road Signs

Monday, I wrote about hard resets because I'm in the midst of one, conveniently timed to coincide with a world pandemic. Bahaha. Since my Type A way simply hasn't historically produced the desired results, I'm leaning into something new, ironically helped along by said Pandemic and the immobilization it produced. I've learned my God has a tremendous sense of timing and humor, so I'm choosing to go with the flow. In response, God is definitely leading the way with clear road signs. Magical really.

This new approach involves being intentional, slowing way down, consulting God for direction often throughout the day, restful action, and loads of waiting. Basically, the opposite of how I naturally do life. Can I tell you this method has already proven quite effective, much more peaceful, and way more fun?

So, on the heels of my Monday blog, on Tuesday, I spent a little time in active meditation and journaling using a method aptly named How to Listen to God. (Us talkers need extra help consciously listening ;-). I had some specific questions and journaled some spontaneous insights.

One of my questions was about whether to invest more energy in writing and speaking, and another whether to launch MightyLytes, a reboot of my company MightyTykes, on the heels of last year's bankruptcy. Both are emotionally and practically loaded for me, since in the midst of a divorce, I need reliable income, but want to be driven by faith, not fear.

No sooner had I finished listening, my phone pinged and a reader had sent me a message complimenting on the day's MWJ entry, which I'd altogether forgotten. I went on to get an unusual amount of fan mail throughout the day. So affirming! Thanks, God.

Tuesday morning, I packed up my journal and laptop and headed to Honeymoon Island to run and work on my Guideposts deadline (2022 edition!!).

As I was driving to the beach, I was thinking about my mentor's suggestion that I take one small step to move MightyLytes forward. This next step has a built-in delay, to keep me moving slow. How very convenient! I asked God about it. I realized I'd been trying to eat the whole elephant of a reboot in one sitting, filling me with dread and PTSD of the first go-round. God brought to mind the verse about Jesus being a lamp unto my feet. Not my destination, not my next month, not get it. If I stay where my feet are, I'm dandy. Again, thanks God for the reminder.

As I got to the beach, I pondered what to listen to on my phone while I ran, if anything. I asked God. (see, I'm really trying). I decided to listen to The Next Right Thing, which turned out to be all about "reimagining" our dreams in the wake of the Pandemic and taking action toward their fulfillment. It spoke so directly to me and affirmed Monday's blogpost. AMAZING!

Then, after my run, I sat on the beach to write and the inspiration flowed freely. Wowza! That little bit of extra time in the morning intentionally listening had produced a bonanza of G.ood o.rderly d.irection.

I could definitely get used to this way of doing things.

I'm inclined to chronicle this adventure to share with you to remind myself and you guys that God loves us and longs to connect with us, direct us, and bless us in ways that far exceed are puny expectations.

Once again, I'm done for now and gotta run--literally, as I haven't had my morning jog yet and I soooooo need it.

Hugs in a hazmat. Isabella.

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