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Spiritual Life Coaching

God-centered, personalized direction and support.

  • Sliding scale.
  • 737 Main Street Safety Harbor

Service Description

Are you stuck, fear-filled, or facing personal challenges, and sense you need a spiritual solution? Are you struggling with destructive patterns or addictions but don't feel therapy is right for you? Do you feel disconnected from God, yourself, and others? Do you need help discerning God's movement in your life or fulfilling your purpose? An interdenominational Fuller Seminary student and life coach with more than 20 years of 12-step recovery, I can help guide you on a more promising path to fulfillment. I offer a strong spiritual, therapeutic, 12-step perspective and first-hand experience navigating a wide range of life challenges for personal growth. Though my worldview is decidedly Christian, I can and will meet you where you are spiritually to craft a responsive path to meet your unique needs, including nurturing spiritual assignments to help you discern God's movement in your life. Let's start with a free 30-minute consultation to see if I'm the right fit for you. SLIDING SCALE: Free will offering or 1 hour @ 1.5% of your monthly gross household income (e.g., if you gross $5000/month your visit fee would be $75.)

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