Dear Friends:

I'm in the process of building out this storefront. While my books remain available through Guideposts, Barnes & Noble, and, I'm pulling Embracing Life off and am encouraging you to buy my work directly from me, B&N or

Jeff Bezos' net worth is >$192 billion and yet the median annual salary at amazon is <$29K.  I believe that's immoral if not downright evil. Over the pandemic, he raised seller fees and now takes about half my $7.95 Embracing Life book price. This is criminal.  I know it's going to be very hard for me to wean myself off Amazon's convenience and selection, but nothing changes if nothing changes. 

I hope you'll consider doing the same, standing against the greed and corruption that is destroying our nation if not the world.

Thanks for your support and feedback. I cherish it! 

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