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Two more terrific inspirational releases in which I'm included...

Pray A Word a Da y  - Powerful inspiration from everyday words.

MWJ 2022 - For you plan-ahead types, it's already here!

MWJ 2023.jpg


Darned Good Objections to Christianity

Darned Good Objections to Christianity is a series of messages about common and valid objections to Christian faith. Hope you'll tune in and write me with questions!

I launched 4 O'Clock Faith during Covid quarantine, offering comfort, encouiragement and perspective.

4 O'Clock Faith

Unfiltered are ongoing, random messages on a variety of topics, as inspired.


Mining a historic year for healing, insight & direction...


If you're like me, 2020 was a historic year all-around--still unfolding, as it turns out. 

If you've faced unexpected changes in your circumstances or internal landscape, my Debriefing 2020 tool can help you inventory and upack it to see God's love and healing hand and direction. Download this FREE pdf booklet to debrief and help chart a course for a hopeful future.

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