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Witty, wise and brutally frank, Isabella is available to teach or speak at your event, retreat, or small group.

Speaking & Workshops


So many people are hungry for spiritual connection, for hope, for a practical, yet biblically grounded and empowered way to deal with life challenges in this increasingly uncertain world. It's my personal mission to bring comfort, encouragement, and wisdom to the hurting, the seeker, and those who are simply eager to grow in faith. Not preaching, but sharing my road-tested experience, strength, and hope.

While I feel a special affinity for intellectual skeptics, people in recovery, survivors of dysfunction, and those who have been injured by traditional faith systems, I can connect with any audience. I draw on a lifetime of rich and challenging experiences, rigorous Bible and spiritual study, and more than twenty years in Twelve Step recovery to bring insight and hope to others with wit, wisdom, and candor. 

Please contact me to discuss the unique needs of your audience and objectives.

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