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Workshops & Presentations...

Connecting with people face to face can be transformative. I've presented at churches, radio programs, community centers, and at international recovery conferences with workshops that are inspiring, informative, and brimming with practical application. Here are a few recent workshop titles:

Write to Inspire: Sharing your experience to heal & help.

Discover how to find your unique voice and tap your life experience to help yourself and others.  Explore your life stories, write your personal mission statement, define inspirational themes, learn about practical tools to build your platform, and more. This non-sectarian class is open to people of all faith traditions.

Cultural Codependency: When culture clashes with healthy recovery.

Our native or adopted culture—whether expat, religious, or socio-economic—may clash with healthy recovery--creating, contributing, or amplifying codependent patterns with major impact. As a first generation American of Italian parents who migrated later in life, I’ve experienced this first-hand. This workshop seeks to help people identify, address, and navigate the potential pitfalls of cultural codependency.

Embracing Life: Letting God determine your destiny.

With frank, hard-won insight, I outline ten God-centered life lessons and encouragement that can be applied to every area of life, especially when facing challenges and unexpected detours. Based on my Bible study of the same name, this workshop will help you see how God can use even the most challenging life transitions and losses to work good for, in, and through you.


Here's a complete list of my workshop topics or I invite you to share what your community's specific needs.

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