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I was invited for a series of radio interviews on WDTF-Radio as a guest on Around the Kitchen Table with Carol Ambrose, a Focus on the Family network counselor. The original essay and radio series later inspired me to write Embracing Life, Lettting God determine your destiny.


#1: Embracing Life – Lessons from Isaac

#2: Grief

#3: Be Honest With God

#4: Embrace God’s Will

#5: Look for God’s Purpose

#6: Stay in the Moment

#7: God’s Timing & Faithfulness

#8: God is the Perfect Designer

#9: Trials do Build Character

#10:Focus on God

#11: Sexual Purity

#12: About Down Syndrome

Radio Show

Radio & Podcasts...

There's tremendous power in candid conversation. That's one reason I love interview format and welcome opportunities to discuss navigating a spiritual path.

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