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Enemies of Our Heart, Body & Mind

Here, David is downright "groaning" in agony, begging God to hear his complaints and cries, and to guide him. This is a painfully familiar plea! I've been there! David's is talking about human enemies. I'm going to widen the scope to all that can torture us.

David then explicitly condemns his human foes. One clear theme is their dishonesty and hypocrisy. He reminds God how much He hates that and cries out for justice and vindication.

Ultimately, David finds relief in affirming that those who take refuge in God and love his NAME will have joy, protection, favor, and praise on their lips. The basis of all this is righteousness. The righteousness that God provided for us through faith in Christ (Romans 3:22, Phillippians 3:9), the NAME above all names (Phillippians 2:9).

The Good News is that whether you're the faint, the fibber, or the foe, you can call on His name and be saved (Romans 10:13).

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