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Fear of love.

Simple: A love based isn't fear isn't love.

Here's that word again, "casts." Here, love casts out fear. Perfect love.

This whole passage appears in a powerful message about loving one another, love empowered and demonstrated by God's love for and through us.

A standard of love I have woefully failed to meet by my own brokenness and waywardness.

The very Good News is Jesus.This verse delivers the answer to my fears. I have not been perfected in love. The fragile, imperfect and imperfectly loved child has not fully received the only Perfect Love. It's only when I receive and rest In God's perfect love that I can truly love, it's proportionate and inextricably linked.

God: Please, please help me to receive and rest in your Perfect love. Help me experience it with all my senses.

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