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SHORT BITS: What are you looking at?

I have found this verse to be abundantly true, but the trick is keeping my mind stayed on God. I am distracted by all sorts of shiny objects, grandiose visions, trials and tribulations, headlines, and headaches.

Personally, getting closer to the restful ideal described by Isaiah involves turning my thoughts to God in ACTIVE TRUST, many times a day (or an hour), if only for a few moments. I often say out loud, “I trust you, God” or “Thy will not mine be done,” or "Please redirect my thinking."

It’s like that old ditty, “Don’t tell God how big your problems are. Tell your problems, how big your God is.” Amen.

This is surely as or evermore important when things are going very well, which can also derail us in a big way, taking our eyes off of God. Perilous waters anyway you slice it.

PRAYER: Father, whether we’re on the mountain top or wandering in a valley, please help us keep our eyes fixed on You, so we can enjoy the unsurpassable peace you offer 24/7. Thank You. I love You. 💟

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Mike Woeckener
Mike Woeckener
May 05, 2023

Very timely reminder to focus on the source of peace, love, abundance... The list goes on. Thank you for returning to writing these beautiful and challenging words.

Replying to

It does go on and on and on, Mike. Thank You, Father…and thank you for commenting, Mike.

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