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Christian Divorce Recovery Coaching

Helping you navigate a new beginning with grace.

  • $75-125/hour
  • Zoom

Service Description

Divorce is very challenging under the best of circumstances. As Christian women, we may feel even more burdened and traumatized. Whether we initiated the divorce, were abandoned, or even made a mutual decision, our suffering can be magnified by our (mis)understanding of Scripture and God. All this can be even more painful due to the stigma and rejection of our support network or faith family. MY EXPERIENCE: I know the feeling! I ended a 17-year marriage after many years of arduous and prayerful effort. Yet I experienced a new revelation of Christ's mercy, grace, and total sufficiency, along with a new understanding of our freedom in Christ. As a result, I'm also enjoying practical benefits including a kind and cooperative relationship with my children's dad, finding myself anew, and risking rebuilding a viable vocation. That same grace and sufficiency is allowing my kids to thrive through the divorce. Only God can do that! I want you to experience all that, too--without condemnation. COACHING GOALS & BENEFITS: If you're struggling with the pain of divorce and can't imagine the future, consider coaching with me. I will help you: -Identify the source of underlying patterns that led to your marital challenges -Get more grounded in your true identity so you don't leap into other emotionally destructive relationships that just prolong the needed work. -Recognize and own your part so you can be empowered and liberated while having a more positive relationships with your ex -Help your kids grow through the divorce -Reconnect with your authentic, independent self as a beloved daughter of God -Process and release bitterness that can prevent you from enjoying grace and peace -Experience Christ's love and sufficiency in a whole new way -Gain renewed hope and vision for abundant life and in freedom in Christ QUALIFICATIONS: With an MS degree, chaplaincy training, and 20 years of Bible study, 12 step recovery, and mentoring experience, I offer a strong spiritual and therapeutic perspective. More importantly, I have first-hand experience of navigating a wide range of life challenges for personal growth. FAITH Though my worldview is decidedly Christian, I can and will meet you where you are spiritually to craft a responsive path to meet your unique needs, including nurturing spiritual assignments to help you discern God's movement in your life. Let's start with a free 30-minute consultation to see if I'm the right fit for you.

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