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Doors Part 2: Open & Shut

Updated: Mar 3

I've had many doors of opportunity in my life, and many more than usual these last few years.

I'm praying and paying attention.

I have a few doors open now. 'm at the threshold, waiting for the invitation to walk through them at just the right time. Or not.

Some doors opened to yet another door, and I continue to walk through them to wherever they lead, prayerful, attentive.

I've learned some doors are obvious distractions from what God really wants for me. These can be very time-consuming and frustrating. I think of Monty Hall and Let's Make a Deal. I definitely want to pick the "winning" door, God's best.

I've also faced a conspicuous number of doors--some which seemed promising--that have appeared and swung open unexpectedly, only to shut as unexpectedly for no apparent reason or for reasons that seemed unjust or even nefarious, like someone tried to sabotage the door.

From "Pray a Word a Day" Volume 1

In the cases of distracting or disappointing doors, what I know about my good God is that He is totally trustworthy and if He shuts the door (or allows it to be shut), it's in my very best interest. If the door was shut due to injustice or someone's scheming, He will use it for my good, just as he did for so many others, notably Joseph who famously said, "What you meant for evil, God used for good," and God did. Way beyond Joseph's expectations, touching many lives.

In keeping with that insight, I've also learned to "debrief" these open and shut doors to look for the lessons learned that equip me for the right door God is planning and that nobody, nobody can shut. And shut doors nobody can open. Because all that's true in a more practical, here-and-now sense, too.

Here, I want to revisit my other post about Revelation 3:8. Jesus is the most important door. Really, the only door that matters in the big picture. The time will come when all our other concerns will seem silly compared to our relationship with God.

So, having said that, by all means, let's consider the practical doors in our lives today and where they may lead. They are important to us, and we want to be attuned to God's will for us, as partly revealed through open and shut doors. But let us always prioritize the most important, the Kingdom door, from which all else flows.

Abba Daddy, thank you for opening and closing doors to guide us into Your perfect will for us. Please help us be open to the open doors and closed to the closed ones, peaceful and faithful. Help us trust you in the process, as baffling, delightful, disappointing, daring, and mysterious as it may sometimes seem to be. Mostly, Lord, help us seek first the Keys to the Kingdom, the Door to a perfect eternity, Jesus. Thank You. I love You. ✨⚔️💖🕊

Thanks bunches! Love, Isabella

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