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Forgive yourself.

So, so, so very important! At least as important as forgiving others. Some of us are conditioned from childhood and groomed even by our faith to tolerate the intolerable, often silently, in a twisted misunderstanding of Christian teaching.

Yes, we want to forgive this, too.

Forgive yourself freely. There were reasons you did what you did, thought what you thought, and felt what you felt—or not. Or what you're doing, thinking, feeling, or not right now. In CoDA they say, if you'd known better, you would have done better.

Yes, confess and make amends if you can, but forgive yourself completely.

God knows it all and loves us right where we are, as we are.

Jesus proves it.


Papa: Help us to see where our real suffering is about our lack of self-forgiveness or not fully receiving Your forgiveness, demonstrated by Christ's perfect love sacrifice on our behalf. Amen. Thank You. I love You.💖

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