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God Dazzles

SUBSCRIBER NOTE: I have been posting random thoughts on Facebook and Instagram, and then reposting them here when I get some time so, if you happen to follow me on social media, I know you're seeing them twice. If you don't follow me on social media, I would love to see you there since I do tend to post there more often these days. Either way, thanks a bunch.

God has dazzled me a lot lately. From assorted divine appointments, intimate insights, and meaning-filled connections and opportunities to serve, to uncanny “coincidences,” unexpected generosity, and precious gifts to new wells of peace, inspiration, detachment, and joy…all deeply personal to me.

I have been starstruck by stardust only God can shower upon us.

This video is from the daily Facebook messages I did during COVID (remember quarantine?). It's relevant. God often dazzles us through the unexpected. He LOVES surprises. Loves 'em.

Did I do anything to create this outpouring? I don’t know. I know I’ve sought God relentlessly for a looooooooooonnnng time, partly out of despair, partly longing, including this little Q1 sabbatical, which has involved a lot of fasting, slowing down, seeking, and silence.

I know I have been praying and paying attention to notice God’s Spirit moving in my life without judgment, pressure, or preconceived notions. Looking for God in the mundane details that become magical by His touch.

Fighting every Type A fiber of my body, I have sat quietly to listen attentively to what God is whispering gently in my ear—a practice the desert fathers, mothers and others knew all too well—that is more elusive for some of us high energy, willful types. Those Itsy-bitsy prompts are easy to miss at high speeds.

Going with the flow.

Is this the breakthrough 🍏🍎🍐🍊🍋🍇🍉🍌🍓🫐🍒🍑🥭🍍🍈🥝? Is it Matthew 6:33? Is it Luke 11:9-10? Is it Galatians 6:9? Or simply God’s amazing grace?

I don’t know, but I’m grateful. I will persevere in this new way, enjoy it while it lasts, remaining available to serve Him, and pray it lasts a while.

Love, joy, grace & peace in Christ,

PRAYER: Daddy, thank You for Your amazing grace. If we have a part in receiving such a bounty, will you teach us so we can have more of this in our lives and from our own overflowing cup to bless others. Help us slow down to be dazzled by You. Thank You. I love You. 💖 #breakthrough #prayer #meditation #jesus #God #holyspirit #god #jesus

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Lissa Bradford
Lissa Bradford
May 11, 2023

LOVE THIS SO MUCH. Grateful to be in your "orbit," as the kids say. LOL. xo

Replying to

Hi Lissa: thank you so much. I really appreciate your support and encouragement.😘

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