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Kissing Our Refuge

The Bible is surprisingly, timelessly relevant in speaking to the recurring themes of the human condition with prophetic precision. It also foreshadows the gracious solution to our chronic waywardness over and over again.

Psalm 2 begins by questioning why nations rage and rulers counsel together against God and God's people to "burst their bonds apart."

Division between nations, people groups, and even within the Christian family--is truly epidemic these days. I dare say most of us have contributed to the divide one way or another, maybe even self-righteously confident in our laser-cut dissections. Take note, however, that stirring up division is one of the things God HATES. (See Proverbs 6:19).

Psalm 2 goes onto threaten those who don't fear him (Psalm 1) with utter destruction, another recurring Old Testament theme.

Verse 12 closes the passage with the remedy to our wrongness with sweet clarity: "Kiss the Son...," closing with "Blessed are all who take refuge in him."

A joy-filled WOW!

The VERY Good News is Jesus, who bore God's justifiable wrath in our place. Kiss him, take refuge in Him...It's that simple (Romans 10:13).

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