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Oh, No! Did I Miss It?

SUBSCRIBER NOTE: I have been posting random thoughts on Facebook and Instagram, and then reposting them here when I get some time so, if you happen to follow me on social media, I know you're seeing them twice. If you don't follow me on social media, I would love to see you there since I do tend to post there more often these days. Either way, thanks a bunch.

I have lived the challenging and sometimes agonizing concept contained in this little ditty. I have handed decades of life over to people, places, and things that were not for me, seemingly (NOTE, "seemingly," which I'll get back to later) forfeiting God's better thing, the thing He intended me to have. Not entertaining at all.

OK, is there some truth to this? Welllllllllll....Yes and no.

This ditty tempts us to despair over our detours, rather than simply return to our Father, who is waiting to help us toward the abundant life. He uses the very thing we thought would sink us to bless us and others through us. This little ditty overlooks the gamechanger: An all-powerful, loving God of the Universe.

Here's my new conclusion: Either God is everything or He is not. Either Romans 8:28 is true or it is not. Does God work good out of ALL THINGS--even our mistakes--or doesn't He?

I couldn't have gotten where I am today without all that came before, including the detours I wish I hadn't taken. Every experience was a lesson I needed and ingredient to the person I was to become. The person God lovingly foreknew in my Mamma's womb. He also knew the trauma I'd face in this broken world that would impact my ability to know and embrace who He created me to be.

Could some of the agony have been lessened or altogether avoided? Yes, by trusting and following God's way rather than my own, which seems only to lead to pain, one way or another.

Still, His grace-full love blessed me and sustained me along the way.

Surrender is my new MO. Cease fighting everyone and everything, including myself. So much of my pain was in the resistance to reality. My failure to accept people, places, and things as they were (or I am) and then determine the appropriate course of action for me. THE SERENITY PRAYER as a lifestyle. Frankly, I have too many examples. My marriage, my business, my family, my very self.

Having said all that, there is GOOD NEWS. Outstanding news, really. God loves us and provided a fix for our failings. We can run to Him as prodigals with the broken pieces of our lives and open hands, crying out, "Daddy, Look what I've done. Can you please fix it?" And He does. He covers our mess up with LOVE, expressed by His own Son's perfect life, to pay the immeasurable debt we owe. Christ bore our shame and despised it, on our behalf.

Then He gives us NEW LIFE, over and over, an abundance of grace in exchange for our brokenness, if only we trust Him. Actually, even when we don't. Cuz He's faithful and good, even when we're not.

PRAYER: Abba, Thank You for lovingly designing me for Your good purpose, preparing me, hanging in there with me, weaving even my messes into a pattern for good. Please...I'm begging me entrust myself to you, believing You really, really love me, virtues and vices. Help me embrace Your Way as the BEST way, so I can avoid costly detours from Your perfect will for my life. Thank You. I love You.
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