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Short Bits: Accepted

One of my NDE subjects described an overriding feature of heaven is the feeling of total belonging and acceptance. He said it permeated everything...including heavenly nature. There was a deep sense of perfectly loving belonging, like he was finally home.

In my retelling of his story, my heart testified what he said was true. The Holy Spirit in me sung, "YES!"

I have always, always, been something of an outlier, and this used to be a very lonely thing indeed. Even when I enjoyed a busy social life and laughter with friends, I've felt on the outside somehow.

Somewhere along the way, by God's grace, I learned to not only accept this apartness, but to embrace it.

WE ARE NOT BUILT FOR THIS REALM. We just aren't (Phil.3:20). This verse in Ephesians--and a lot of the whole book--tells us that in the heavenly dimension, we are accepted in the Beloved through Christ. What's more, even now, down here on this messier plane, we can enjoy the riches of His grace and spiritual gifts if we but rest in HIM.

During this crazy season, full of worldly distractions, delights, and disappointments, let's take time out to enjoy the complete, perfect beloved-ness we have in CHRISTmas, which we'll one day experience 100%❣️

PRAYER: LORD God of the Universe, Who left the perfect, beloved belonging of heaven to rescue us, please help us remember this is not our home. Because of Your Christmas, we will one day be accepted into our true home with YOU.✝️💜☮️

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